Wine Clubs

We make it flexible and easy.

Managing your wine clubs has never been easier.
Setup shipments, add customized orders for club members, process and communicate easily with your members.


A Few Details

User Customized Club Orders

You want to offer your wine club members the most flexibility possible in their memberships.

Let your club members customize their orders through your website allowing them to add wines, adjust shipping preferences, billing information and more.
You also can easily customize a club order for a member in the backend and it will process when you batch process your club.

Membership Controls

Put a wine club member on hold until a paticular date or indefinitely or you can simply skip them from your wine club shipment. You also can easily add any new club members to an existing club shipment you are currently processing.

Analytics & Simplicity

All of your information is available at a quick glance through dashboards, automatic email notifications and more.

Decline Management & Credit Card Updater Service

Reduce your overall decline rate by using a Credit Card Updater service that automatically updates the tokenized data for your wine club members payment methods. Or easily add payments and update billing information for members whose orders were declined manually.


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